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Dianaverse Herbalism School


Diana Lynn Law is a Pacific NW herbalist who loves learning about plants and Nature and teaching it to others through online and local classes. She loves tending growing things, making herbal concoctions such as teas, flower essences, herbal based soaps and bath products, etc. Her classes are a combination of Folk Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, light Ayurveda and science-based study. Nature's remedies are the people's medicines. Empowering people to create their own well-being by building relationships with plants based on time-honored methods is an integral part of her classes. Nature is wholistic and so is her approach to teaching; incorporating remedies, creativity and exploration of folkloric as well as science based information.


 Diana has both a strong gardening and wildcrafting background. She was a gardener at Bastyr University’s Medicinal Garden and a steward of the Beacon Food Forest, where she teaches classes, did class administration and served on the Board. She’s currently completing her Master Pruner certificate through Plant Amnesty. She is a member of the Seattle Herbalist Guild; studied at East West School of Planetary Herbology and Cedar Mountain School as well as numerous courses, classes, conferences and practical experience. She teaches herbalism classes in the greater Seattle area through her school, the Dianaverse, as well as guest teaching through various organizations. Growing medicinal plants is a passion and she sells them locally.


     "I recently joined Diana for an herbal intensive to dive deep into Western red cedar's medicine, and I'm so glad I did. Even though I had studied cedar once before at another herb school and work with plants in my professional life, I learned a lot! I appreciated how Diana held objective, science about cedar's medicine while also encouraging us to explore the spiritual aspects of the plant in a way that was light and inspiring--allowing space for me to develop and nurture my own relationship with cedar. She is really knowledgeable and experienced, and I appreciated how she approached cedar from Western, Eastern and Native American herbal traditions, touching on her own case studies as offerings for my questions about cedar's potential uses and limits. The small class size made for a really unique and memorable learning experience, and we had time to get to all of my questions. ~ Jade Pina


As for the day itself, I loved that I didn't have to leave the city to immerse ourselves in cedar's medicine. I was able to sit in the woods enjoying a warm cedar foot bath in the morning, and then go to work in the afternoon! I would happily recommend Diana's classes to herbal newbies desiring a low-key yet comprehensive introduction to plants as well as to more experienced herbalists who want to take the time to pause and come into deeper relationship with the plants they work with." -Katie Vincent

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