Classes and Events


May 29thLindsay Warshaw of Duvall Herb Farm will host a plant sale from 11am-3pm. I'll be there  from noon-2pm helping out and creating a little corner for Seattle Herbalism Society members to meet each other in person and network.

Come out in the fresh air to get garden plants ranging from Veggies, flowers, medicinal and culinary plants. She also has fresh produce and herbs available. She's excited to offer her lovingly grown plant starts for your garden! A majority of these plants can be grown either in pots or in the ground and will be offered at sliding scale pricing.

Get to know your local farms! Network with other herbalists!

14929 316th Ave NE, Duvall WA 98019

June 12 - Saturday - 12pm-3pm - 

In this class we'll explore using food scraps for plant dyes; what works and what's hype?

We'll go thru the dye process from start to finish using onion skins, which dyes in ranges of yellow to orange. We'll discuss techniques, mordants and fixers and a handout will be supplied. All the materials and equipment needed will be supplied.

I'll have some a couple basic things to dye for each person but you can also bring one or two items from home that you want to dye. Natural fibers such as wool, cotton and linen work best.

This workshop is happening in the beautiful setting of Duvall Herb Farm , 14929 316th Ave NE, Duvall, WA 98019, a working farm that has lots of fresh veggies and herbs as well as plants for sale.

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July 17 - Saturday - 11am-1pm - 

The scent of plants and flowers lures us and begs to be preserved for a multitude of healthful and delightful uses.

Presented in the setting of a local herb farm, we'll go step by step through the process of distilling and creating floral waters using the beautiful plants on location. We'll talk about the many ways to create with hydrosols for beauty, health and culinary uses. You'll leave with a hand out, a sample of the hydrosol we create and the hands on knowledge to create your own hydrosols with confidence or just learn more about the process while having fun.

This class is being taught on Duvall Herb Farm, who will have plants, flowers, veggies and herbs available to purchase fresh from the farm.

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These testimonials are from former students:

Diana holds a knowledge that is impressively vast. She has a sincerely organic teaching style that is flexible and sensitive to the diversity of her student body. Scientific and trippy, spiritual and magic, ever the free spirit...Diana has always been supportive and ready to meet me halfway. Our lectures took the form of inclusive and intimate conversations that have the potential to span the far out reaches of your imagination. This year of herbalism with her as my teacher has been simply transformative. My kitchen is full of salves and potions, my son is running around with roots and mushrooms, my friends are calling for advice. I have begun to successfully incorporate herbalism into my daily life, in a tangible way, whereas before it was mostly an elusive concept that I couldn’t quite grasp beyond purchasing remedies at the herb shop. Hiking through the enchanting forests around us and learning to respectfully forage with proper plant identification has been the absolute joy of Diana’s herbal program for me. We had an amazing camping retreat where we went plant journeying with Devils Club. My classmates and I have all become friends. I say without hesitation that Diana’s class has radically improved my quality of life and opened doors for me in a way I didn’t realize I needed so desperately! I am supremely grateful that the stars aligned, and I somehow stumbled upon her!” ~Jade Pina

   "I recently joined Diana for an herbal intensive to dive deep into Western red cedar's medicine, and I'm so glad I did. Even though I had studied cedar once before at another herb school and work with plants in my professional life, I learned a lot! I appreciated how Diana held objective, science about cedar's medicine while also encouraging us to explore the spiritual aspects of the plant in a way that was light and inspiring--allowing space for me to develop and nurture my own relationship with cedar. She is really knowledgeable and experienced, and I appreciated how she approached cedar from Western, Eastern and Native American herbal traditions, touching on her own case studies as offerings for my questions about cedar's potential uses and limits. The small class size made for a really unique and memorable learning experience, and we had time to get to all of my questions. As for the day itself, I loved that I didn't have to leave the city to immerse ourselves in cedar's medicine. I was able to sit in the woods enjoying a warm cedar foot bath in the morning, and then go to work in the afternoon! I would happily recommend Diana's classes to herbal newbies desiring a low-key yet comprehensive introduction to plants as well as to more experienced herbalists who want to take the time to pause and come into deeper relationship with the plants they work with." ~Katie Vincent


Whoever you choose to learn with next year, I hope your journey with the plants is blessed.