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A Walk With Plants and the Dianaverse are creating a short series of 3 classes for Fall, in Burien, teaching some of the basics of herbalism. Learn about the healthful ways of plants while also learning about some of the plants growing locally.  To complement the series, we're also offering some add on workshops for additional fees.                     
We'll kick off the series with a plant walk on Sept. 27, as our first class, talking about plant ID for Fall local plants, books that are useful for local plant ID, ethical and sustainable (even regenerative) foraging and some basic common uses for some of the plants that we'll see. To start class we'll sip on a lovely tea before setting off on the trails. We'll gather samples of the plants we talk about and have a plant ID game to help you fix the IDs in your mind. Participants will go home with a lovingly pre-made gift from the plants from the presenters. We are also offering the plant walk as a single class from the series, if you'd like to just do the plant walk class; as we can break into two groups on different trails to create enough social distancing. The Plant Walk as a separate class is $35. email to register for just the Plant Walk:
 The 2nd class will be Tea and Tinctures on Oct. 17, 10am-12pm. Come gather in the garden to learn how to make herbal infusions for wellness and healing.  During this two hour class we will connect with  a few favorite plant allies that are gentle, supportive, healing and nutritive.  Participants will learn the properties of each herb, how to process them by way of healing teas, tincutures, compresses and decoctions, and take home  herbs to make healing and nutritive teas.  Herbs that we will talk about are oat straw and milky oats, stinging nettle, hawthorn and a surprise chai for the decoction.   This is sure to be a great intro for anyone wanting to invite a few plant allies to support many systems of the body in a gentle way.We'll go over the basic ways to use water and plants; infusions, decoctions, compresses and foot baths; and tinctures, alcohol based and alternatives. Participants will go home with a tea blend to practice what you've learned and a tincture to complement what we learn in class. All materials are included, plants, handouts, solutions, jars, herbal teas, etc. 

The 3rd class, on Nov. 21, 10am-12pm, covers successfully creating herbal oils and healing salves. We will learn while creating herbal oils with plants from the garden and then turn plant oils into useful salves for healing! Participants will take home a jar of garden herbs infusing into oils to practice what we learn and a jar of herbal salve for healing. All materials are included, plants, handouts, solutions, jars, herbal teas, etc.                                                 
Complementing the 3 month series, there will be optional  workshops that coordinate with the classes offered that can be added to your series or taken separately.  


On September 26, 10am-4pm, we are offering a hands on workshop on Building Immunity for the change in seasons, a whole day class with hands on herbal preparations of Elderberry syrup and Fire Cider. Jaime and I have lovingly wildcrafted local Elderberries from up in the Cascade Mountains for you. Participants will go home with jars of both formulas, all materials are included, plants, handouts, solutions, jars, herbal teas, etc..                                   
On October 17, 1pm-4pm, we are offering a clay class learning to make your own teacup for your lovely herbal teas! This work shop will be in two parts as you make your cup, in the first class in Oct., which will be fired, and then glaze it in the next part of the class on Nov. 21, 1-2:30pm; finally we will drink a special herbal tea in our cups when you come to pick them up!                                         
The cost for the series is $145 for all three classes.

The plant walk alone is $35.

The day long Immune Building class is $120, all materials included. (bring your own lunch)

The Build Your Own Teacup class, including firing and glazing is $65.       

For this series we're going with Paypal. Email address for Paypal and  to register is .                                                   

 *Just a note that these classes take place outdoors in the garden, to have fresh air, and social distancing, rain or shine, and we will have a shelter to put up in case of rain. Come dressed appropriately.                

 *Class sizes are limited to 8 and follow current health and safety guidelines. All participants are required to wear a face covering, take a temp before arriving, and not attend if ill in the last two weeks. We will be spaced adequately outdoors in the garden to also ensure safety measures. There will be a break for lunch; please bring lunch with you; there are shops nearby, but time will be short, so plan accordingly. Hand sanitizer will be available as well as a place to wash hands. Please plan to bring a pen if you wish to take notes.


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