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Classes and Events

May 26-28 ~ Northwest Wildcrafter's Rendezvous -

I'll be presenting at this lovely event coming up in May. My workshop is on creating tree essences, which we'll co-create by journeying with the forest trees in a guided forest meditation. (Bring a 1 oz bottle half filled with brandy or vinegar to take your essence with you).
Top local herbalists such as Natasha Clarke and Natalie Hammerquist, and lots of others will be giving workshops as well! Michael Pilarski's events are always amazing. Hope you'll join us!
FB event page for more info and links: 

June o4,2023- At the Water's Edge- Seaweed foraging workshop. 

Experience the timeless sea and the bountiful harvest hidden under the water, offered to us land dwellers only at the full moon when the sea pulls back her skirts for a peek. Enjoy connecting with mother ocean and feeling the spray of her fresh breath.

Learn about the qualities and uses of seaweed, whether it's green, brown or red and which seaweeds to avoid.

There will be some seaweed treats to enjoy to sample ways to eat from the sea. It's a light lunch, so if you need more food bring something. Treats will be vegetarian and gluten free.

This will be a small class of only 5 students, held early in the day timed to the low tide, although with everything in the workshop and driving time, plan on a full day. For more information and to register go to Eventbrite


Join me on Patreon for 2023 for plant bathing.

I'll continue my deep dive into plant connection, recipes, herbalism and traditional folklore!


Every new and full moon I do a forecast video on youtube on my channel: Dianaverse-Plant Mystery School

Interested in learning more about astrology?

Join in for astro talks on Zoom, where I'll discuss different aspect of astrology with time to discuss the topic and interact on the subject. Class is by donation. 

Stay tuned for upcoming classes

I co-created a small batch of healing hydrosol with Willow for this full moon in Virgo. She can be sprayed on for healing and protection energetically or physically for blemishes, skincare or makes a great anti-microbial spray in a first aid kit! Email me for ordering. 

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