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2020 Plant Immersion courses! 

It's time to start thinking about the 2020 Herbal Immersion program!


There will be three exciting programs next year! Two beginning herbal programs; one that meets twice a month for the most intensive experience and one that meets one time per month to accommodate those with busier schedules; plus a third program, C0-Creating with Nature, which emphasizes connection to the plant world through creative projects such as paper making, amulet bags, nature dyes and more.

Both herbalist programs offer all the basics of herbalism from medicine making 101 to encompassing all the basic ways to prepare herbs safely to plant ID, and more .

The twice monthly course ~ designed to immerse you in the plant world as we go through the cycles of the year with practical herbal remedies as well as journeying with the natural world. The dates for this course are for the second and fourth Friday of each month, March-Oct. Class takes place from 11 am to 6pm.

Enter the world of plants! We will learn all of the basic herbal preparations so that you can create herbal remedies with confidence through hands on experience. There will be classes with cultivated herbs and also selected wildcrafting, with conversations about sustainable and ethical gathering.

The once a month course ~ packs more into a shorter time, focusing on one element per season and multiple remedies to support that element. (elements are things like earth, fire, water, air). The dates for this course are  for the third Thursday of each month, February -Oct. Class takes place from 10am-6pm. Learn the foundations of herbal medicine by exploring the elements (air, water, fire, Earth and ether) from Western and Chinese herbal medicine perspectives, the third Thursday of each month, Feb-October. As we're planning a year in advance, there may be a very few months where we switch weeks.
Learn all of the basic preparation methods for making home remedies with confidence through hands on practice where you can ask all of your questions.
You will also learn plant ID, sustainability and ethics of wildcrafting, garden grown herbs, and more.
As this is a once monthly class, each class will be packed with lessons and activity.


Both courses are intended to guide you to connection with community both in nature and as a student group while providing instruction on herbal remedy and wellness, plant ID and much more. We will work in the classroom at my house in Des Moines with selected wild crafting trips out in the field or to gardens.

The Co-creating With Nature course  ~ designed especially for plant lovers to learn more about the energetics of their plant friends through another way of getting to know them, but non herbalists who simply want to learn some nature craft skills will also enjoy this course. It is more of an arts and crafts class, but also an exploration of the energetics of plants and the forests.
It's a great way for herbalists to connect further with the plant spirits or for crafty people to build on their plant skills with projects like plant dyes, amulet bags, making fibers from plants, baskets and more. We'll also talk about sustainability, plant stewardship and meditation to create dialogue with the plant people.
This course will be mostly outdoors unless the weather is truly horrible This class takes place at my home in Des Moines with select wildcrafting trips and/or trips to gardens for materials. The dates for this course will be the third Saturday of each month, Feb-Oct. Class takes place from 11am-6pm. 


*These courses are offered for a cost of $1695 for each program. Payment can be made in two payments if needed, half before the start of classes and the balance in June. Students paying for the full year up front receive a discount of $99 off, making the total $1596 for the year's program. If you need a little different payment schedule, contact me at dianalaw@hotmail.com . Sorry, but due to the nature of class prep on my end, there are no refunds after two weeks before classes start. If  dates come up where you can't attend, you can make them up in another program or during the following year, as it works for you.

Due to the nature of planning a year in advance, there may be one or two dates moved to another date as the year progresses and there would be a group discussion about the best date to move it to; this won't happen often.

Reserve your space in a program with $100 deposit. Please remit deposit by January 15 (Refundable until two weeks before course starts) Payment for course must be received by two weeks before the start of courses. There are some possibilities for work trade and/or scholarship depending on whether whether it's a fit for both of us, contact me at dianalaw@hotmail.com if you feel you really need this and we can chat. If you don't absolutely need this, please leave the space for someone who does.


These courses are friendly to all genders and races, so please be open to sharing space with all kinds of people, you may find you make some great friends! In fact, one of the bonuses I hear from students is how much they enjoyed sharing the group dynamic with their fellow students as the year progressed.

If you're still reading this and excited to take this journey with us next year, contact me at dianalaw@hotmail.com for registration details.

Testimonial from previous year's student: Diana holds a knowledge that is impressively vast.  She has a sincerely organic teaching style that
 is flexible and sensitive to the diversity of her student body.  Scientific and trippy, spiritual
 and magic, ever the free spirit...Diana has always been supportive and ready to meet me halfway. 
 Our lectures took the form of inclusive and intimate conversations that have the potential to span
 the far out reaches of your imagination.  This year of herbalism with her as my teacher has been 
simply transformative.  My kitchen is full of salves and potions, my son is running around with 
roots and mushrooms, my friends are calling for advice.  I have begun to successfully incorporate 
herbalism into my daily life, in a tangible way, whereas before it was mostly an elusive concept 
that I couldn’t quite grasp beyond purchasing remedies at the herb shop.  Hiking through the 
enchanting forests around us and learning to respectfully forage with proper plant identification 
has been the absolute joy of Diana’s herbal program for me.  We had an amazing camping retreat
 where we went plant journeying with Devils Club. My classmates and I have all become friends. 
I say without hesitation that Diana’s class has radically improved my quality of life and opened 
doors for me in a way I didn’t realize I needed so desperately!  I am supremely grateful that the
 stars aligned, and I somehow stumbled upon her! ~Jade Pina