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Join me on Patreon for 2023 for plant bathing.

I'll continue my deep dive into plant connection, recipes, herbalism and traditional folklore!

Every new and full moon I do a forecast video on youtube on my channel: Dianaverse-Plant Mystery School

Interested in learning more about astrology?

Join in for astro talks on Zoom, where I'll discuss different aspect of astrology with time to discuss the topic and interact on the subject. Class is by donation for. 

This lunation's class will discuss the dynamic tension of aspects in astrology using the Sagittarius moon, in a fire sign with it's aspects to planets in Pisces a water sign. 

Class will be on Tuesday, March 14th at 6 pm PST and run for @40 minutes. Register by sending donation via Paypal to by Monday evening, and include your email address to receive Zoom link, or email me for another method. Hope you'll join in!

I co-created a small batch of healing hydrosol with Willow for this full moon in Virgo. She can be sprayed on for healing and protection energetically or physically for blemishes, skincare or makes a great anti-microbial spray in a first aid kit! Email me for ordering. 

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