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* update: I've drastically reduced the price for this event to make it available to more people.  The price is now $33.    Check link below

Six week Journey With Venus Retrograde - six Sundays starting Dec. 19, 2021, 5pm pst
Come on a journey of self discovery with astrology, herbalism, crafts and shadow work. 

This year we have an especially potent Venus in Capricorn to help us discern what we really value and release the structures that no longer serve us. This six week offering follows along with the transit while Venus is retrograde. After Venus goes direct again, it stays in Capricorn until March, so we have plenty of time to integrate what we work on and build into the new cycle!

Many of the outer planets have gone thru Capricorn the last couple of years to prepare the way for this Venus transit and Pluto waits there for his Queen, because Venus in Capricorn has authority, so that together they can dismantle outdated systems and rebuild the new cycles that are starting at this time on many levels. Using astrology you can be proactive about changes rather than waiting for them to just happen to you.

I'm combining many of the things that I have been studying and teaching for several years to create a space where we can do this journey together by many modalities; herbalism, crystals, handcrafts, astrology and meditation.

 You can explore as many or as few of the activities proposed as you like each week. Once a week on Sunday evening, depending on your time zone (I'm on Pacific time, so adjust for your location), we'll meet in a zoom meeting for setting each week's theme, I'll give some prompts and talk about mythology and astrology, do a meditation, etc, as well as having a chance to share about your journey with the other voyagers.

A Journey Box of 6 treasure tools to use for our voyage is available for purchase, Look for the add on tab on Eventbrite.


Weekly zoom meetups will be recorded and available for a week afterwards for those that can't attend live. Live 1 1/2 hour coursework will be held on Dec. 19-26 and Jan. 2-9-16-23. Save the zoom link you receive for the first class, it will be used for all the classes. Provide an email address that you check as it will be used for sending info throughout the journey.

Who this journey is for: people who want to do a deep dive into intentional work along with others to heal and prepare for an amazing year of growth in 2022.

Who this journey is not for: people who aren't willing to be vulnerable or who just have a lot of trauma and no outside counselling to support them because I don't want to lead anyone into a dark alleyway that they can't find their way out of (hugs).

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Dec. 21, 2021 - Winter Solstice Celebration of Lights! ~ Tuesday evening, 5pm $10

I'm hosting a Winter Solstice celebration at my house. We'll walk to the nearby park to do a tree blessing then come back to my winter garden to talk about evergreen tree medicine and magic, and winter mythology, while enjoying a fire.

Tickets available at:

These testimonials are from former students:

"Diana’s solstice event was enriching, nourishing and helped me get back into balance. Also as a healthcare provider, I appreciated Diana’s knowledge on local plant medicine and hope to spread her message to clients I work with. Thanks Diana for a healing evening of community. " ~ Samantha Poyt

Diana holds a knowledge that is impressively vast. She has a sincerely organic teaching style that is flexible and sensitive to the diversity of her student body. Scientific and trippy, spiritual and magic, ever the free spirit...Diana has always been supportive and ready to meet me halfway. Our lectures took the form of inclusive and intimate conversations that have the potential to span the far out reaches of your imagination. This year of herbalism with her as my teacher has been simply transformative. My kitchen is full of salves and potions, my son is running around with roots and mushrooms, my friends are calling for advice. I have begun to successfully incorporate herbalism into my daily life, in a tangible way, whereas before it was mostly an elusive concept that I couldn’t quite grasp beyond purchasing remedies at the herb shop. Hiking through the enchanting forests around us and learning to respectfully forage with proper plant identification has been the absolute joy of Diana’s herbal program for me. We had an amazing camping retreat where we went plant journeying with Devils Club. My classmates and I have all become friends. I say without hesitation that Diana’s class has radically improved my quality of life and opened doors for me in a way I didn’t realize I needed so desperately! I am supremely grateful that the stars aligned, and I somehow stumbled upon her!” ~Jade Pina

   "I recently joined Diana for an herbal intensive to dive deep into Western red cedar's medicine, and I'm so glad I did. Even though I had studied cedar once before at another herb school and work with plants in my professional life, I learned a lot! I appreciated how Diana held objective, science about cedar's medicine while also encouraging us to explore the spiritual aspects of the plant in a way that was light and inspiring--allowing space for me to develop and nurture my own relationship with cedar. She is really knowledgeable and experienced, and I appreciated how she approached cedar from Western, Eastern and Native American herbal traditions, touching on her own case studies as offerings for my questions about cedar's potential uses and limits. The small class size made for a really unique and memorable learning experience, and we had time to get to all of my questions. As for the day itself, I loved that I didn't have to leave the city to immerse ourselves in cedar's medicine. I was able to sit in the woods enjoying a warm cedar foot bath in the morning, and then go to work in the afternoon! I would happily recommend Diana's classes to herbal newbies desiring a low-key yet comprehensive introduction to plants as well as to more experienced herbalists who want to take the time to pause and come into deeper relationship with the plants they work with." ~Katie Vincent


Whoever you choose to learn with next year, I hope your journey with the plants is blessed.





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