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Light and Shadow

Thinking about Light and Shadow and that liminal space in our lives where they meet..... That's where Life has its footing, rooted in the denseness of the planet while the cosmos swirls around us.

We live in the memories of all that we have done, and all that was done to us, to our ancestors; who we are or hope to be, or regret that we are; and our dreams for the future and our children's fulfillment of ours and their dreams. As humans we move around..... Through Space and Time.... Often we exist in three places at once, "before", "now" and "later"; a threefold mystery. "Now" being the middle path it is the point of power for the three.... The point that has movement, momentum and trajectory..... Point yourself in a direction you choose or Life will choose for you. Eclipse time; where the Light and Shadow meet.

#Eclipse #LightandShadow #SpaceandTime

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