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The Croning Journey - an event

As I slip over into my croning years, I find I would like to have a ceremony or ritual to mark this passage to a new phase of life. It occurred to me that other women might want that, too, so I've set about designing a ceremony to coincide with Samhain, here locally in Seattle.

I'd love to have some women to plan, scheme and play with while building this event together. I've come up with the bare bones of the ritual and am looking for some people to flesh out the logistics, materials and odds and ends. If this sounds like something you'd like to be involved with email me at Actually, if you'd like to come, also email me; while the event is free, it's a sacred ritual and is for those who can make merry while still showing up with responsibility and respect. Location will be sent after registration. All are welcome who show up with a sincere and open heart..... And it would be great to have a drummer who can work with us during the ritual.

#ritual #Crone #event #Samhain

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