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Herbal Immersion Classes for 2019

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I've been thinking about how to describe the classes in more depth. While the base is in herbalism, we do much more.... we explore how food is our medicine, we talk and create community, we connect with Nature and learn how to have a relationship with it, rather than just seeing other species as a resource, we talk about energetic medicine, we forest bath, we learn resourcefulness in making our own things and we share a journey through the wheel of the year, in all the seasons and all kinds of weather.

I've been told I don't send out enough info and I don't do it often enough. If you know me, you know I don't love marketing, lol, but I'm going to be putting myself out there more.

For 2019, I'm dedicating my sacred service to my path by focusing on my plant endeavors; teaching herbal and nature connection, growing plants and sacred plant artwork. This makes me more financially vulnerable to the community around me, as I'm relying on my local community to find what I'm offering to be valuable enough to support me. I'm grateful to those who feel called to join me.

I encourage anyone who wants to learn more about Nature based spirituality and medicine making to apply for my classes on on the classes page tab. If cost is a factor, I also offer some work trade opportunities. Or if you don't take my classes, I encourage you to learn from another excellent local teacher to support the people in our community.

Thank you for reading my post and have a fruitful year!


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