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Classes starting soon and a testimonial

It's only 11 days until the yearlong classes start. Are you excited? There's still time to sign up if you'd like to connect to Nature more this year and learn about Herbalism while learning about yourself and building community with like minded souls.

I may add some classes that are just for six weeks at a time to meet requests for shorter time commitments. Check the Classes and Events page on the website often to see new offerings.

This is a beautiful testimonial I received from one of last year's students:

"Diana holds a knowledge that is impressively vast. She has a sincerely organic teaching style that is flexible and sensitive to the diversity of her student body. Scientific and trippy, spiritual and magic, ever the free spirit...Diana has always been supportive and ready to meet me halfway. Our lectures took the form of inclusive and intimate conversations that have the potential to span the far out reaches of your imagination. This year of herbalism with her as my teacher has been simply transformative. My kitchen is full of salves and potions, my son is running around with roots and mushrooms, my friends are calling for advice. I have begun to successfully incorporate herbalism into my daily life, in a tangible way, whereas before it was mostly an elusive concept that I couldn’t quite grasp beyond purchasing remedies at the herb shop. Hiking through the enchanting forests around us and learning to respectfully forage with proper plant identification has been the absolute joy of Diana’s herbal program for me. We had an amazing camping retreat where we went plant journeying with Devils Club. My classmates and I have all become friends. I say without hesitation that Diana’s class has radically improved my quality of life and opened doors for me in a way I didn’t realize I needed so desperately! I am supremely grateful that the stars aligned, and I somehow stumbled upon her." ~Jade Pina

this could be you!

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