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Making a Seasonal Flower Essence

We had a rare for Seattle, heavy snow this last week and I've been trying to find maximum ways to enjoy it.

You may have already seen some of the photos.

"Rosemary in the snow with flowers"

Today, I felt inspired to make a seasonal flower essence. If you know me, you know I have made more flower essences than almost anyone around, but I really love love their energetic medicine so I figure one can never have too many of them. The premise is a bit like Homeopathy, the more diluted and smaller the actual particles are, the more the energy comes through. Water holds impressions of the energetic signatures of the chosen items. (Always use non toxic items to make essences and I like the living Spring water although some people use distilled water).

Now, essences don't always have to have flowers or bright sunlight. If one is new to essence making, it's good to start with the classic format, but once one gets a feel for making them, there's a sense of what each new essence needs in terms of light, etc.

I was really excited to see what the snow had to say. Immediately, I was drawn to the Rosemary that was peeking out from under the snow.... and happened to have flowers cause before last week we've been having a warm winter.

"Rosemary flowers"

I like to start an essence by asking permission of the entities going into the essence; and if I get a "yes" I make an offering or asking the plant what service I can give in exchange. In this case, the Rosemary asked for an offering for the birds. They have been returning and mating in the warmer than usual weather, also not expecting the sudden snow. I've seen Hummingbirds around the flowers, so I put out a little sugar water for them and also a Sunflower seed head gathered last summer for the crows and other birds.

"sunflower seed head for the birdies"

I also felt inspired to use the snow instead of spring water, to see what energy snow would have and top it with the energy of Rose Quartz.

"Rose Quartz in the snow."

I found there was a grotto like spot in the rock retainer wall just under the Rosemary, just big enough to precariously balance my bottle. I put the bottle there to gather energy from the Rosemary, snow and Rose Quartz for a few hours. While it wasn't bright sun, it was certainly daylight. It felt like the right light for this essence. When one first starts making essences, it seems odd to go with feelings, but with practice I've found that the feelings are quite distinct and the phrases for the uses of the essence will just pop right into my mind.

I spent some time there meditating with the Rosemary, the snow and the Rose Quartz; asking what kind of essence we were co-creating. Once I had a clear idea of what that was, I went inside. I like to get an impression from the plant or place of what it's offering rather than going by pre-formed ideas from books or the internet.

"Winter flower essence in action"

While the essence percolated under the Rosemary bush, I went in to write down my impressions. Sometimes I write in a notebook. Today I used a purple piece of paper because it reminded me of the purple flowers of the Rosemary.

"Winter essence impressions..."

Once I felt that the process was complete, I brought the bottle in and strained the melted snow. I decided to add Vodka rather than the traditional brandy to preserve the clear color of the snow.

I'm excited to work with this essence! I'm adding it to the store page in case you're curious about trying it out.

"Winter Rosemary/Snow/Rose Quartz flower essence in the snow"

If you try it out, please comment with your impressions on what it shifted for you!

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