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the Pisces Party

How are you enjoying the Pisces party?

With the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Pisces, there's a lot of water flowing under the bridge.

Let's break it down:

Chiron the Wounded Healer just left Pisces after BEING THERE FOREVER! (Can you tell this was my Chiron return?) Actually it was like 7ish years; so it's synchronistic that we're getting one big last push to wrap up whatever we still haven't managed to address, especially since Pisces is the last sign in the Zodiac and we move into a new cycle from here out.

Sun in Pisces ~ last sign in the Winter season, mutable because seasons are about to change, which also means our feelings can be a bit changeable ..... being in the flow means not getting stuck in one mode. People with strong Virgo in their chart are encouraged to find a little acceptance with what is and let some shit go.

The Sun is in a rare conjunction with the Moon, with mystical Neptune in between. This is taking place in the public arena, so there could be some public displays of emotion, especially on topics that have to do with victimization or the collective, with opportunities for healing. For the individual, there can be an opportunity to unite the heart, mind and spirit on a deep level, if one can let it flow and not repress.

The new Moon in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac ~ watershed moment, release it or carry it around for the next cycle (year) We don't want to do that, do we? Also, for those that are swimming in the beauty of the Neptunian ocean of emotions, there could be such magic... just keep good boundaries and don't check out overly via substances.

Mercury in Pisces ~ Mercury has already been in Pisces since Feb., gets to the last degree and goes back for more! Mercury retrograde! Normally Mercury is only in a sign for about 3 weeks, but this will continue through most of March making it a long journey through Pisces this time. Seriously, whatever hasn't been expressed all this time while Chiron was in Pisces will be pushing for the surface.

When the Earth is facing out into space without either the light of the Sun or the Moon, one can be more receptive to the more subtle energies of the rest of the Universe. I dived into the Neptune/ Pisces realm by doing a meditation imagining the energies of space, the nebulae, stars and dark matter energy entering my body though the top of my head and flowing through my bones, tissues and blood; strengthening me by resonating with the life force of all that is. As Carl Sagan said " we are made of star stuff" Piscean journey indeed.

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