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Astro thoughts for end of March

Astro thoughts..This month has had a lot going on and in some ways, it's a continuation of the slow grinding of the Capricorn gears that will be with us for the rest of the year and beyond.

Some planets will head on to Aquarius; Mercury, our thoughts and words, fastest of planets, came back to Aqua, got a little clarity and had to head on to Pisces for some collective emotional intelligence.

Venus is in her home sign of Taurus where she'd like to relax, but her lover Mars is still at work over in Capricorn. He had a conversation with Jupiter at the Spring Equinox, as the Sun moved into Aries for the start of the new Astro year, with the restless new moon also in Aries. I don't know about where you were, but this new moon felt more like a full moon around here. The new moon that just happened was conjunct Chiron, who says take some time to heal, but Mars is on a mission for Jupiter, who says, it's time for change. Mars clears the path for Jupiter by going first, till they both hit a wall in Saturn who sets some limits.

Pluto is riding shotgun with Mars right now and change may have some darker edges as we transform, we can't escape some cost.

Jupiter is expansion, so this virus thing will probably keep going a bit. It's also knowledge and mentorship, so who and what info do you trust? Jupiter moves in a 12 year cycle...This time around the sky, he will go retrograde and conjunct Pluto three times in this year. It's like a door that opens, we process what gets left in the underworld with Pluto, then the door closes permanently on what has changed on a world soul level in Nov.

A world soul level cause Saturn is dipping it's toes into Aqua this month, the larger community and a move toward the age of Aquarius. We can see how globalization is progressing. Expansion and contraction with a Retro back into Capricorn. Saturn also just had a square with Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, ruler of electricity and the nervous system. And the internet.... Rise of social connectedness exponentially thru virtual space. But who is connected and who is left out of the loop?

This has been a crazy month with its' roots in the January eclipse. April​ gives us time​ to process

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