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At the Water's Edge- A Seaweed Workshop

Updated: May 14

Experience the timeless sea and the bountiful harvest hidden under the water, offered to us land dwellers only at the full moon when the sea pulls back her skirts for a peek. Enjoy connecting with mother ocean and feeling the spray of her fresh breath.

Learn about the qualities and uses of seaweed, whether it's green, brown or red and which seaweeds to avoid.

There will be some seaweed treats to enjoy to sample ways to eat from the sea. It's a gourmet sea-themed lunch.

Treats will be vegetarian and gluten free.

This will be a small class of only 5 students, held early in the day timed to the low tide, although with everything in the workshop and driving time, plan on a full day.

Reminder that the seaweed class with gourmet seaside lunch is coming up June 4th. There are only 3 spots left, so check out the details if you wanted to learn about seaweed foraging this year!

I decided to do this seaweed class, because it's a wild food I love harvesting, and I hadn't seen anyone put a seaweed class out there for a couple years and I wanted to share knowledge about this resource.

Since setting up the event, I've seen some others posting classes this year and charging less than I am, so I'd like to add why my class is more expensive. For one thing, I'm creating a sea-themed lunch for you, so you can get some ideas how to bring this healthy food into your meals. You'll get the recipes with the class handouts. Also, unlike many of the seaweed classes I've taken, this isn't just a lecture; the class size is purposely small so we can gather seaweed and do hands on ID, you'll get plenty of individual attention and the opportunity to forage, as long as you get an inexpensive seaweed license, available at Fred Meyer or REI or the .gov website. You will be confident to harvest on your own after taking this class.

The small class size also ensures that our harvesting footprint is sustainable.

From experience, I've found that June is a good time to harvest, the low tide isn't too early in the morning and it hasn't been hot weather long enough to make the seaweed past its' prime yet.

Join us at the seaside!

For more info and/or to register, go to Eventbrite

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