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Full Moon in Virgo

and other things, too....

The full moon... Was it yesterday? is it today? I've seen both posted by credible sources... Maybe it depends where you live. But where DO you live, really? In your single body or are you connected to every body? A bit of both. Is part of you at odds with other parts of you?

These are Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune thoughts floated in by Mercury rx. Although Mercury has moved direct in Aquarius, its' forward motion will take it back thru Pisces. We're seeing a bigger picture but still fuzzy on how to get there.

The fishies of Pisces swim in opposite directions, one heading toward the material plane and one heading toward the collective consciousness,hence Pisces famous tendency to indecision as both fish are joined in space, you have both/and/or. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, so, intuition, dreams and fuzziness are highlighted. What waves are washing over us from the sea of collective UNconsciousness? Neptune is showing us how we've been taking care of ourselves. This moment can show us what we've dreamed for ourselves versus what's actually happening, which can make us quite irritable if there's a big gap. I've heard several other astro reports mentioning surrender, and that's an aspect of both Pisces and Virgo, but where are we surrendering? To the collective system or to our authentic selves? Ultimately, how do we integrate the two, while not giving over to Piscean fear ?

The full moon in Virgo reflects back to us some of what we've missed in the steaminess of Pisces. Virgo is the flip side of Pisces on the personal boundaries axis. Where Pisces says maybe it's all good - live and let live- Virgo is about discernment; sometimes to the point of micromanaging or being nitpicky.

There is a feeling of priestess energy, which is related to traditional aspects of Virgo. Not priestess is the New Age way, but in the old ways of being a conduit of the spiritual realm and being of service by discerning which intuitions to ground into reality and where to cut off that which doesn't serve. Where Pisces looks at all of the possibilities, Virgo says, this and not that. If you're invested in personal whims or "being nice to everyone" this is going to chaff. Sometimes these things also run foul of the collective will which might be swimming up a muddy stream to nowhere. Virgo speaks the to the truth about where the river needs to flow clearer. Virgo is also the sign of health and hygiene, which is clearly highlighted with the Corona virus lurking about. Develop excellent personal hygiene rituals. I'll be posting some practical herbal things on my Instagram.

Viruses can be attributed to Pisces, the unseen, but Uranus in Taurus is also sudden shock to the physical world. Uranus is conjunct Venus; we want to be comfortable and secure, in our home, in our finances, but we're stuck with unexpected influences, literally being stuck at home, shocks in the world finances, loss of income as the virus advances. As the month moves on, Jupiter, making things bigger; will conjunct Pluto, followed by Mars, which rules pandemics. Although there are positive interpretations to be had from all this movement, in the short term, it's likely to keep the virus growing through this month, which I think most people expect at this point.

The Venus / Uranus conjunction also makes space for breakthroughs in relationships and finances, so we may just be sloughing off some stuff that wasn't working anyway, but that we had trouble letting go of. Just beware of quick fixes and flashy people; look for substance, not everything that glitters is gold. The Moon is in a trine to Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Pluto, supporting the refinement of seeing the muck for what it is and moving it to build better structures out of it.

Look at what house this full moon is in your natal chart to see the most emphasis for you personally. For example, the full moon is passing over Pluto in my 7th house opposing Chiron in Pisces in the 1st, so I may have an edgier outlook on "me vs. them". I'm lonely, but other people aggravate me, lol. It's also a big chance to expand and upgrade how I interact as myself with other people and the world and discern what I really want from relationships. Also, the surrender to the process thing; maybe it's about picking my battles and then I don't have to micro manage anyone else's. Picking apart the astrology doesn't absolve me from still having to slog thru it and do the work, but I hope it helps me understand where I'm coming from so I do a better job. If you feel comfortable sharing where the moon is in your own transits, share below.

Another thing going on is Saturn hovering at the very end of Capricorn about to dip its' toes into Aquarius, (yikes, my Saturn return starts!) conjoining its' own south node, which will undoubtedly bring up all kinds of shadows of the patriarchal age. This is a very long cycle and it's grinding into a new gear; it's not surprising that there was an atmosphere of violence in response to International Women's Day yesterday.

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