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Indian Plum in Bloom

Indian Plum - Oemleria cerasiformis in its native habitat on traditional Duwamish land.

Full flower in the evening sun.

Recognizable by the upright leaves and sharp cucumber taste.

One year in class we found a big patch and gathered enough leaves to make a small batch of bitters. My rule of thumb for wild gathering is no more than 1 in 4 in areas where there is an abundance of the plant. After gathering, it should be hard to tell you've been there.

Remember to ask and thank the plant beings for their gifts, don't be rude! If you feel a no, wait for another place or day even if it's exciting to gather and make things. You are building relationships with the plants when you take them into your body and who wants to take in sad or angry energy?

Makes one think about the stuff that comes from the store.

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