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Jupter Neptune Conjunction Today!

The once in a lifetime conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is here!

Dream those big and lofty dreams and try to swim around all the distractions that pop up.

Later we can evaluate which part of our imagination will make it into reality, but for now, the sky's the limit!

As Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac it's also magnifying all that we could leave behind to make space for our grand dreams. If it does not bring you joy......

It's a beautiful sunny day here so I'll be outsie making a flower essence to capture the energy of this amazing conjunction.

Plant friends: Dandelion, especially the flowers, which could be infused into oil or honey or fried into fritters. The root will help support moving toxins from the liver.

Stone friends: Labradorite, old pretty rocks found by moving water, fossils

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