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Mountain Rose Discount for July

I love a good deal and when I find an herb deal, I want to share it with you! As you may have seen, I'm an affiliate with Mountain Rose Herbs, and they're offering a 15% discount exclusively and only thru affiliates in the month of July. Click on this link and use the code MRHPartner15 during checkout to receive 15% off of any regularly priced herbs and products.

They are also giving away herb seeds and free shipping for order over $100 until 7/24.

It's a great time to order if you're needing to replenish some herbs!

To inspire you, I'm sharing a recipe I use on almost a daily basis, and that I previously have only shared with students. Remember when I did the hands on Seaweed Adventure? This was one of the recipes in their hand out packet.

Herbal Gomasio

Herbal Gomasio was one of my favorite recipes when I was studying with the East West Planetary Herbalism courses and it stayed with me as I adapted to my own tastes. Gomasio is a Japanese condiment that at its' most basic includes seaweed and toasted sesame seeds. Besides tasting good, seaweed is full of healthy minerals and sesame seeds have Calcium and skin loving oils. I like to add nettles, either seeds or chopped dried leaves for even more minerals and sometimes other herbs for flavor and health benefits such as orange peel for stimulating circulation. It's a mix that goes well sprinkled over all sorts of foods.

We gathered seaweed and I dried mine to powder, but if you didn't gather any in early summer Mountain Rose Herbs has you covered with several types of seaweed.

Next up is Nettles or Nettle Seed. If you're in the PNW, and read this as I write it, it's time to gather this herb right now! If you don't have the time or you're reading this post later in the year, Mountain Rose Herbs has that, too! In fact,

they also have Sesame seeds and lots of other herbs, oils, teas and more.


Herbal Gomasio

1 cup toasted Sesame seeds

1 Tbsp sea salt

1 cup seaweed

½ cup Nettle seeds

optional: 1 tsp. Citrus peel or other herbs, such as pepper flakes

Shred or powder seaweed, easily done in a good blender or food processor. Empty into a big bowl and add all other ingredients. Mix well by hand. Sprinkle freely on foods!

Let me know if you try it and what variations you come up with!

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