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New Moon in Pisces vibes

All the feels.

Pisces is a dual water sign represented by 2 fishies swimming in opposite directions. Each contains a bit of the collective zeitgeist so we could be feeling anything from martyrdom to universal love.

We tend to choose our destinations based on how we feel about our life. Inner conflicts become outer conflicts.

Venus and Mars are bickering about the final stage of building new structures together based on shared values, resources and just getting on with it all, but Pluto is putting pressure on them to make sure what they build transcends personal interest to evolve the human condition as they head towards Aquarius.

My new moon intentions are focused on resolving my own inner conflicts (as much as possible for the moment) to be in a loving place of peace when engaging with the outside world and hoping others add to the peace vibe too. It takes a bit of courage to feel hopeful about the world currently.

Let me know how you are generating peace and compassion in your little part of the world.

Plant friends: kava, not just for drinking but infused in oil for muscle tension.

Stone friends: pink quartz to radiate love to this troubled world.


For a longer video about the new moon (9 minutes) check out this video on youtube:

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