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New Moon solar eclipse in Gemini

There's a lot going on in the heavens right now, but I want to focus on the new moon solar eclipse in Gemini happening today.

The Sun and the Moon are what are called the Luminaries and are often the most influential planets in the sky, providing the backdrop for what the other planets' transits are doing. When both are transiting the same astrological sign, there's a greater emphasis on the themes of those planets and the house they are in, look at where Gemini is in your natal chart to get an idea which house this eclipse is transiting for you.

First, let's dive in to what a solar eclipse is: a solar eclipse happens when the Sun, Moon and Earth are lined up in such a way that the moon blocks all or part of the Sun light reaching the Earth. This only happens at new moons. This particular eclipse is an Annular rather than total eclipse because the distance of the moon doesn't completely block the sun in this case and light still reaches us from the ring of fire; the light still peeking around the moon. The moon is close to the ecliptic during a solar eclipse and so close to the north node of the moon during this eclipse.

So we have the Sun, Moon and North node in Gemini as well as Mercury retrograde.... that's a lot of Gemini! There is a compression of energy, let it make diamonds rather than explosions for you! Gemini rules the mind, the realm of movement of thought and ideas and communication, as well as more complex psychoactive states such as dissociation, obsession and shadow personalities, hypervigilance, etc.

This can be a great time for Shadow work as our shadows are often parts of ourselves that we don't give expression and Gemini allows all parts of ourselves to emerge and be recognized.

Mercury right now is cazimi or in the same degree of Gemini as the Sun, so look for sudden bursts of insight although we might not be clear on what what to do with these insights until Mercury passes thru this point again or even up to 6 months from now as eclipse energy can take that long to manifest. Mercury is in a tight sandwich between the Sun and the Moon, the two luminaries.... Our thoughts and actions AND our feelings and insight; we can be of two minds about the direction we want to take. This can look like conflicts between our long and short term goals. Our legacy vs. instant gratification. Wanting to hold on to our comfort zone vs. stepping bravely into the future.

Castor and Pollox were the two twin brothers who make up the constellation of Gemini; one brother was immortal and one was not. It takes discernment to choose our actions based on all possible outcomes and sometimes Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini is just running around collecting information too quickly for it to get processed right away. If you're looking to ground what's coming in look to the other sign that Mercury rules, Virgo, an Earth sign that channels the information from the cosmos to turn it into something useful. Although there are no planets in Virgo at the moment, it's in a square to the stellium in Gemini, creating tension to come up with inspired but practical ideas which may get implemented later when we reach Virgo season. Mercury is opening the door that Virgo will later walk thru. Right now is the time to listen to all of our ideas and divine inspiration because Mercury has a lot to say. Being retrograde we may be going over the past, traumas, people we haven't talked to in years, but the North Node says it's time to move forward. The Romans' had the two-headed god Janus at June, the mid-point of the year, looking back over the 6 months that have passed and ahead to the rest of the year and it was thought that his name meant passageway or doorway. Eclipses themselves are thought of as portals and there will be endings and beginnings at this time, people who leave the planet and those coming in, look for deaths and births in a literal sense as well as just leaving or entering your life.

Solar eclipses are a time when the energy of the Sun is blocked and the energy of moon is dimmed by virtue of being a new moon that casts no light and can be a great time to connect with other energies of the cosmos that are generally overpowered by the two luminaries. It's a great time to open yourself to new ideas and outside-the-box thinking as well as laying to rest old outmoded mental constructs. As with any journey you set out on, use some discernment and preparation, such as clearing the mind with meditation, setting healthy boundaries and choosing who to journey with, just as you would if you were setting out on a trip, when you might get your car serviced, choose who you would enjoy travelling with and choose a route as a starting point.

Write down any insights or ideas that you have now so you can remember them in September.

Plant friends: Passionflower for circular thoughts, Lemon Balm to calm hyperactive minds, Yarrow for good boundaries

Stone friends: Labradorite to journey, Jasper to bring you back to Earth

Dianaverse~ Diana Law

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