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Planets retro season

Mercury just went retro a couple days ago to go in and mediate? or just play the trickster? with all the other already retro planets.

Mercury is in Libra, planet of relationships, balance and justice, so those are places to revisit (or they may revisit you... old legal issues, ghosts from the past, etc pop up, bad habits)

Look at what house and planet Mercury was in at your birth for more clues although I'd guess you have some ideas about what you haven't dealt with that could be messy. You have till things come to a head at the Libra new moon in about a week before the planets start going direct, with Pluto being the first to say he's moving on, deal with it now or it will be coming back to bite you again.

Some things will be messy however you approach them, but if you're real with yourself it'll feel better than if you try to sweep it under a rug.

plant friends: nervines such as Scullcap or Passionflower for repetitive thoughts, you'll be tempted by caffeine but that will only make you feel hungover later. Adaptogens such as Ashwaghanda and Astragalus.

Stone friends: Clear quartz for clear thoughts.

*Meme taken from an astrology post, not sure who made it for credit.

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