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Super Food Powders

Today I'm posting a link to a Mountain Rose Herbs blog post that I just read.

As you may have noticed on this website's home page, I'm an affiliate for Mountain Rose herbs and if you order herbs through the link on the home page or the photo above, I get a tiny commission that helps pay for this fairly expensive website. (I'm a micro business, so all those expenses are huge for me, anything helps, it's one way to give back for the info and recipes posted here, thanks!)

The post I'm sharing today details 11 superfood powders with descriptions of their uses.

Powders are a super easy way to incorporate herbs into your health and beauty routine! They can be sprinkled over food, encapsulated as supplements, decocted for teas and used in creams and lotions, and more.

At the moment, I'm excited about Marshmallow in body creams to add its' lovely demulcent qualities. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post and recipe.

Head on over to their website to read about each of the 11 powders they're highlighting!

On that same page they have downloadable templates for free for labelling your creations. We all know how important it is to label all of the things! You will NOT remember what that jar of stuff is later! They conveniently have two sizes because sometimes things have a lot of ingredients and need a bigger label.

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