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Winter Old and New

The Cailleach, the Scottish old woman of winter, has come and gone, carving out the frigid landscape with her giant club. I made merry on the darkest night of the year with good friends; then rested in the shadows knowing that the Green man is reborn with each longer day.

The Cailleach may return before Spring, but the light is growing now, day by day, and more and more happens in the visible realm of daylight.

To read more about the Cailleach go to this site:

Echoing the seasonal cycles this year are the current astro cycles. We've had the solar eclipse of the new moon in Capricorn, conjunct Pluto, Saturn and the South Node on Christmas Day. Time to wrap up the past and let go of whatever doesn't go forward into the next decade and next Saturn cycle, the Nodes will be moving into new signs as well after this eclipse season. Leave behind your old stories, it's time to grow up and level up for new ones.

The eclipses let in some strange starseed energies usually blocked by the potency of the Sun to give us a taste of what to look forward to in the next decade. You have a couple of weeks to decipher these energies (although you've had clues for months) before the lunar eclipse in Cancer and the North Node. This will be opposing the gathering in Capricorn, so we'll all be feeling the cosmic squeeze; it might feel like your projects are being turned into lumps of coal..... but if you can hang in there and you're doing the work, it might make it to turning into diamonds! Again, these aren't just gifts, you have to work for it, but Jupiter lends some enthusiasm to the task, having just been Cazimi (conjunct) the Sun, although this is still constrained by Capricorn so it may be hard to see right away; and Venus in Aquarius gets you excited about how beautiful the future could be! So much going on!

Uranus is still in Taurus, throwing sudden disruptions in our path. Although this is normally a time to reflect and relax a little, life seems to be demanding that we get things done. Rest and take of yourself when you can because things aren't slowing down yet. It's taken me well over a week to make this little post because things keep happening. Doing what's precious to you a little at a time will get you to the finish line. I sat at the computer multiple times to do this posting; editing, having the photo editor crash, emergencies that pulled me away......

If you want to see which areas of your life the current cycles are impacting look at the houses the transits are passing over in your natal chart.

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