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Flower essences for helping to adjust and attune the energetic body. Many phsical dis-eases have roots in emotional patterns. The energies of flowers help us attune and adjust disharmonious patterns. Many, many essences available; I'm a flower essence making Fool! Please specify which essence you want when ordering. A few that I have in stock: Snap Pea,Thyme, Mugwort, Tulip, Purple Dead Nettle, Iris, Purple Jalapeno, Lavender, Oregon Grape, Big Leaf Maple.... I'll be adding to this list. If you want something I don't have on this list, send me a message, I might have it!

Flower Essences 1/2 oz.

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  • 2 oz bottles. Comes with dropper. Take 3 or 4 drops in a small glass of water or juice or tea. Please type in which Flower essence you're order in the personalization field. In spring water and preserved with 15% brandy.

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