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Winter Rosemary, Snow, Rose Quartz Flower Essence.

This handcrafted essence offers support for purity and focus of thought and intention. This isn't purity in the sense of perfectionism, but in distilling your energy to that which is most important at this time. 

Melting of the Heart from frozen feelings. 

The ancestors support your/their evolution. 

Hummingbird energy.

Recognizing when energetic portals are open to work with. 

A rare and fleeting essence to seize the moment and make each day count. 

1/2 oz. Bottle

Preserved with 15% vodka in an aqueous solution of snow and Rosemary with Rose Quartz energetically added.

Winter Flower Essence

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  •  Ships within the US only. 

    Because I cannot resell opened products and because of covid, there is no refund, but item will be replaced if lost or damaged in the mail. Item will have a tracking number for shipping. 

    Thanks for understanding

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